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    Our company does real estate investments in all cities of Iraq.

We provide consultations for our clients: local and international companies and individuals for buying, selling and renting real state.

We provide the best services and prices for our clients based on our excellent professional staff in this field.



Our vision is to have the best and unique real estate investment company in Iraq.




Working to find the greatest oppotunities in real estate investments throughout Iraq.




- To provide our client the best opportunities in real estate investments.
- Invest capital and refresh the real estate market sector.
- Invest in land, locating living units and construction of homes to address the shortage crisis of available housing.




  1. Changing the lands at Al Barthdia from agriculture land to land for living
  2. Finding many places and offices to hold for investment projects.
  3. Investing in the Basra city markets such as Al Kamia (3400 square meter) which was established at Al Jazeer Street in 2008. It contains 31 large shops and 224 small shops. It is supplying central kooling and large generators. The average number of customers is from 1500 - 2500 persons/day.
  4. Invested in Oasis Bazaar at COB Basra which was established in 2009. Oasis Bazaar provides the international companies and forces with staff resources and services. Many of the investors are form different nationalities that rent shops at the Bazaar.